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Pet Examinations & Complete Veterinary Care

West Woodbridge Pet Hospital, serving Woodbridge & Vaughan ON


We encourage you to call our Animal Clinic in Vaughan for an appointment. Your family’s dogs and cats need routine check-ups. If you have not had one recently, contact us. We can start with a complete medical assessment. One of our certified Vaughan veterinarians will start with an in-depth discussion about any health concerns that you have, or any changes to your pet’s routines, etc. This enables the veterinarian to pinpoint any problems.

Performing a physical examination is important, as your pet’s eyes, ears, skin, cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal and skeletal system are examined for any abnormalities. Since our Vaughan animal diagnostic facilities include a state-of-the-art Dental unit, Radiology, ECG, Otoscopy, and more, blood tests can be performed as necessary or we may recommend further diagnostic tests at the West Woodbridge Pet Hospital.

Preventative Health Care for your Pets

Parasite Control from West Woodbridge Pet Hospital

Parasite control is an important part of your pets’ preventative health care program. Fleas, ear mites, and intestinal parasites (roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, giardia, coccidia) are encountered quite commonly in both dogs and cats. Other parasites that we encounter less frequently include mange mites (sarcoptes and demodex), cheylitiella (“walking dandruff), and lice. For our canine patients, heartworm is another parasite that is frequently discussed.

West Woodbridge Pet Hospital in-house Pharmacy & Lab

Located at 8280 Highway 27, in Vaughan Ontario

Our West Woodbridge Pet Hospital in-house pharmacy is well stocked and contains supplies that allow us to vaccinate and treat your Vaughan pet for a wide variety of conditions. Veterinarians at the West Woodbridge Pet Hospital have the responsibility to dispense medications with great care, and medications are not dispensed if we feel they are unnecessary. In addition, we also frequently utilize special compounding pharmacies that can provide us with medications in special formulations and flavours specifically designed for pets.

Adult Vet & Senior Pet Wellness

Make an appointment to see the Vet at our Animal Hospital today

Every year we detect many disease processes in apparently “normal” adult animals. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatments can result in your companion living a longer healthier life. If all the diagnostic tests are normal, we have a great baseline to use for comparison as your pet enters its senior years. Remember to take the time to ask questions of all staff members at your annual visit to the West Woodbridge Pet Hospital – we are your best source of information regarding your Vaughan area pet’s health! Once your pet enters their senior years, we recommend that they undergo a thorough senior wellness exam and diagnostic work-up at our state of the art facility. We recommend annual, or in some cases, twice yearly visits for our geriatric patients. Even though you may believe your pet is normal, there are many disease processes that do not show any outward sign until the disease is quite advanced.

Puppy Wellness at the West Woodbridge Pet Hospital

New puppies are especially pampered patients at our clinic! When you arrive with your new pup it is very important to us that your dog feels comfortable in our clinic from day one, and we encourage the puppy to be social and interactive. In most cases, puppies visit us three times, with each visit being about 1 month apart. For your initial visit to West Woodbridge Pet Hospital in Vaughan, our veterinarians will spend extra time with you, as there are many important health and behavioral issues to discuss.

Kitten Wellness at the best Vaughan Pet Hospital

Pet Grooming Available Too!

New kittens receive special attention at our hospital. Cats are definitely not just small dogs, and it is important that they not be treated as such! It is very important to us that our cat patients get to know us here at the clinic and feel comfortable with us from the start. This is why our Feline patient’s exam room is separated from Canine patients. Each new patient will receive a new toy to help them feel at ease. Most kittens will come to see us three times, with each visit being about 1 month apart. More time is set aside for you at your first visit as many new kitty owners have many health and training issues that they wish to discuss.

Pet Grooming at West Woodbridge Pet Hospital

Grooming Services are Available by Appointment


Professional grooming offers many benefits including keeping your pet’s coat, skin and ears in good condition, increased comfort and social acceptability, and eliminating pet odor. At the West Woodbridge Pet Hospital, we believe that frequent and regular grooming makes your pet feel better too and has definite health benefits in less skin and allergy problems. Grooming charges are based on the size of your dog, its breed, current coat condition and degree of matting, and specialized grooming needs unique to your pet.

Vaughan Radiology (X-rays) at the West Woodbridge Pet Hospital

Qualified, Friendly Veterinarians

Radiology (x-ray) is routinely used to provide valuable information about a pet’s bones, gastrointestinal tract (stomach, intestines, colon), respiratory tract (lungs), heart, and genitourinary system (bladder, prostate). It can be used alone or in conjunction with other diagnostic tools to provide a list of possible causes for a pet’s condition, identify the exact cause of a problem or rule out possible problems. If you are in the Vaughan, Maple, Concord, Woodbridge or King area and your beloved pet requires an x-ray, we provide that service right here at West Woodbridge Pet Hospital.

Spaying & Neutering in Vaughan

Veterinarian Woodbridge

In general, recovery time is very short, but we do recommend a reduction in regular exercise for about 7-10 days after surgery. Some patients will have sutures or staples that will need to be removed, and that is scheduled for 10-14 days at the West Woodbridge Pet Hospital after the surgery at our facility. This also gives a Vaughan area staff member a chance to look at the incision and ensure everything has healed properly. We do send our canine patients home with an elizabethan collar to prevent them from licking their incisions and we have found that this reduces post-operative complications greatly.


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