Industry collaboration targets the enhancement of pets’ emotional welfare

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In our pet clinic in Woodbridge Prioritizing the emotional well-being of pets and addressing the challenges veterinary professionals face are the driving forces behind a recent industry collaboration.

Fear Free and Blue Heron Consulting have announced a strategic alliance designed to expand their efforts in helping veterinary professionals facilitate a hospital experience that is both fulfilling for their team and positive for their patients.

The partnership aims to educate and empower veterinary professionals to deliver pet care that increases client compliance, decreases pet anxiety, and promotes professional fulfillment.

“Being able to practice medicine in a way that protects the emotional well-being of pets isn’t just good for pets and their parents, it’s good for a hospital’s business and their team,” says Jason Maag, chief operating officer for the veterinary consulting company. “Having the education, experience, and confidence to deliver essential veterinary care in a stress-free way can protect veterinary professionals from a lot of the frustration, compassion fatigue, and burnout our industry sees.”

“We’re excited to align with Blue Heron Consulting to enhance veterinary practices,” says Randy Valpy, CEO of Fear Free. “This collaboration supports our goal to make vet visits better for pets and professionals. Together, we’re working to improve client and patient experiences, support veterinary teams, and elevate care standards. This alliance underscores our commitment to practical, Fear Free care.”

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